On 7/29/07, FOX <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> 95% of the code has a correct declaration ended with ;
> What is the problem adding next thirty semicolons?

Here is a semicolon that gives us the creeps, for instance:

  function(foo) { return foo * 2; }

Our general rule is no semicolons in one-liner blocks. My heart weeps for
packers that choke on the above line without a semicolon. We find it ugly
and unnecessary there, so we don't use it, and putting it in doesn't really
help reducing the file size.

Each developer would have the choice to compress or not.

Each developer can do with the framework whatever he wants as long as it is
under the terms of the open-source license it is released under. Want to
compress it? Knock yourself out. Just don't say we're denying you that
choice because of a couple of limited JS packers out there.

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