This is my first post to the list, so please be forgiving if I make
mistake. :)

I have checked the new prototype, and after a few hours I ran into a
problem. It seems the method of Enumerable.include has been changed.
It uses === operator instead of ==. The documentation attracts
attention that is just checks value, not type. The example in the doc
- [1, 2, '3', '4', '5'].include(3) - returns false in 1.6.0_rc0
instead of true as the doc says.

I tried to search a bug in trac, or a post here in the list, but I
didn't find anything about this change.

I don't know it's calculated or not, but unfortunately this breaks
down the setValue for select elements if I tried to set integer values
for a select. (Option values are always string.)

Is there a reason for this change? Thanks in advance!

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