The new prototype is under heavy test and I find another intresting

The modified observe method try to get the name of the passed
eventName by getDOMEventName but this is limited to the well-known
events. Any unknown event will handled as 'dataavailable'.

This cause problems if you use predefined events, for example using
fantastic repetitionmodel (webforms2 now) implementation by Weston
Ruter which implements new Web Forms 2 events. But the problem is same
if you use Opera9, it has native support for these events.

Here is an example page:

Please check in Opera, and click on the Add Row button. You should see
two alerts, but you will only one.

Unfortunately I am not good at the event model, so I don't know what
is the reason of the 'dataavailable', but my dirty hack is to return
eventName is condition fail. It works for me. :)

if (!Event.DOMEvents.include(eventName)) return eventName;
instead of
if (!Event.DOMEvents.include(eventName)) return "dataavailable";

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