Yes, I completely agree with you.
And what are you think about the edit behaviors for data to be added
in prototype, the same as in Ext -
They have great inline editing for a grid.
What do you think about adding this feature ?

On Aug 20, 5:37 pm, "Mislav Marohnić" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> On 8/20/07, Andriy Mykhaylyuk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > And I have a feature suggestion for templates system. That will be
> > great if templates will support some sort of cycles with internal
> > templates or table building. Something like gridview in ASP.NET for
> > example. For a table builder it's good if we will have supported
> > following templates : Row, AlternatingRow, Header, Footer, EmptyData.
> > What do you think about ?
> I think it would make a great Prototype add-on, but that it is not for core
> framework. We at core team share beliefs that major HTML fragments should be
> generated at the server, not on client side. Still, a table builder support
> classes could be of great use in some applications.
> Keep in mind that grid components for Prototype (and other frameworks) are
> almost always based on the existing table in the DOM (that is, one generated
> by the server). These components just add the behavioral layer.

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