Andriy Mykhaylyuk wrote:
> Hello guys, thanx for update, and my congratulations, looks like a lot
> of people loves new updates.
> And I have a feature suggestion for templates system. That will be
> great if templates will support some sort of cycles with internal
> templates or table building. Something like gridview in ASP.NET for
> example. For a table builder it's good if we will have supported
> following templates : Row, AlternatingRow, Header, Footer, EmptyData.
> What do you think about ?
I agree that more robust templating isn't a good fit for core.  I had a 
similar need and came up with a compiled template class that is made for 
using a server-side html template to repeatedly generate content in 
JavaScript.  Now that html5 embraces innerHTML, it is time to take 
advantage of it's speed. 

I have a piece of code in production that you can see here:  I'm working on making it more robust, 
but it is completely extensible and would allow you to add simple 
functions to give the table functionality you mention.  When I finish, 
I'll do a full write-up on my web site.

- Ken Snyder

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