Actually using Function#wrap there was Sam's idea.



On Aug 22, 1:06 am, Alex Arnell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I just wanted to shoot the core team a quick note letting everyone
> know that I am really excited by the way the new inheritance features
> are shaping up in trunk. It looks really great.
> I am glad someone (Samuel Lebeau) managed to get in a patch that uses
> {{{Function#wrap}}} instead of my old {{{Class#inherit}}} method.
> It's much cleaner and concisely written in trunk right now.
> As soon as I saw Thomas Fuchs present the new {{{Function#wrap}}} at
> RailsConf '07 this year I wanted to make that change.  I just never
> got around to and eventually forgot about it, so I am especially happy
> to see it there.
> Alex Arnell

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