I suggest this improvement for more correct OOP in Prototype.

var Class = {
  create: function() {
    return function() {
      this.initialize.apply(this, arguments);

  from: function(base) {
    var klass = Class.create();

    //copy static attributes?
    for (var key in base)
      if (klass[key] !== base[key])
        klass[key] = base[key];

    //inherit but without initialize the new prototype!
    var F = function(){};
    F.prototype = base.prototype;
    klass.prototype =  new F;

    //correct constructor!
    klass.prototype.constructor = klass;

    //useful in future?
    klass.__base__ = base;

    return klass;

var BaseClass = Class.create();
var MyClass = Class.from(BaseClass);
var obj = new MyClass;
obj instanceof BaseClass => true!

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