Am 05.09.2007 um 04:11 schrieb jdalton:

> Other rant: Also I don't see a valid argument for not using opening
> and closing conditional brackets { }...
> Its a few brackets here and there that would make the code soo much
> less cryptic. I think that gzipping and this would still keep the
> filesize managable.

isn't parsing the { } brackets an an overhead for the js interpreter?

I think you're contradicting yourself by saying to not use $w(),  
because it's slower, but that we should use blocks when they're not  

note that personally i think something like:

if (blah) return;

is much more readable than

if (blah) {

for the $w() thing: you _could_ build a preprocessor for your  
personal prototype copy that does a $w() -> [] conversion upfront;  
but as stated earlier in the thread, there's absolutely nothing to  
gain from this, performance-wise.


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