This technique is also used in Extjs.

It covers most cases, sure. However, it potentially fails in situations
where resource lazy loading is used heavily. In our widget framework, each
widget is responsible for encapsulating its own resource requirements, so it
sometimes possible to have code like this loaded well after the initial page
was loaded (for instance, the app did not consume a widget at startup that
required Ext or proto, hypothetically, but does at some later point).

So... what happens is this document.write is called within a context where
the DOM has already been loaded. There should just be some simple check for
the state of document.body before even going through this step (if DOM
loaded document.body exists), and just do the notify immediately in that

Resource lazy loading is increasingly important as the complexity of an
application (read: not website with minor ajax enhancements) increases, and
now both Ext and proto require me to do some fairly hackish stuff with
redefining document.write to account for these situations).

On 9/6/07, jdalton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I forgot to mention that without that little trick on an HTTPS site in
> IE you get an ugly warning dialog...
> >

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