I don't know if anyone has encountered this problem before, but I was
reading nodes from an XML document (ajax response) and I tried the
Element.readAttribute function instead of my own home brewed
algorithm. (This Web application goes all the way from before there
was such function in the Prototype library...) Anyway, firefox didn't
complain, but IE seemed to do so. Here's what I did to resolve this
issue :

readAttribute: function(element, name) {
    //element = $(element);     // IE doesn't like this line (is it
really necessary ?)
    if (Prototype.Browser.IE) {
      // XML nodes in IE has an array name attributes. Each index
      // is an object { name: [string], value: [mixed], ... }
      if ( element.attributes && element.attributes.length ) {
        // I'm sure some might find a better way to do this, but it
works for now....
        var attribute =
$A(element.attributes).find(function(attribute) {return
attribute.name==name; });
        // if we do not return here, we might throw an exception, so
rather return null if not found
        return attribute ? attribute.value : null;
      var t = Element._attributeTranslations.read;
      if (t.values[name]) return t.values[name](element, name);
      if (t.names[name]) name = t.names[name];
      if (name.include(':')) {
        return (!element.attributes || !element.attributes[name]) ?
null :
    return element.getAttribute(name);

I'm sorry I'm not the best guy to provide more test with this matter,
but I'm pretty sure some of you already have the proper setup to do
them. So I'm leaving this into your more capable hands.

Thank you.


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