On 4 oct, 07:07, Sven Klose <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I´m new to the source code, and had big trouble reading it.

Well.... there's a perfect API reference on the Web to help you learn
the library. Why would you need to sniff the source code?

URL : http://www.prototypejs.org/api

> With the right indentation one could spot constructs immediately, but
> actually, the code is so compressed, it takes ages to even figure out
> where a function starts and where it ends, to spot if-statements and
> variable declarations, and so on.

It doesn't really matter, does it? I mean, unless you're part of the
Core team, you should not worry about it... I mean, I'm merely an
active member, and did propose a few enhancements sometimes, and apart
from reading the code just to contemplate the way these guys did it
(so I could mimic the code-style in my own app for consistency), or to
re-implement a method to best suite my need, I never really found the
purpose to re-format the indentation etc.

If you don't feel confortable with how the source code is formatted, I
suggest you spend some more time reading it... just like with
anything; at some point, you'll understand it better ;)

Other than that, Ctrl+F does a great job (just make sure to check the
"Case sensitive" box). I personally view all my js files with Notepad2
or SciTe, so I have brace-matching and other nice features that
regular Notepad doesn't offer.

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