I just saw that there were some more changes with the inheritance code. I'm wondering how stable is the code. Meaning, if I start working on a project and use the current inheritance code right now, what probability
is there that I'll need to rename functions (addMethods) or change
function calls (such as changing the $super construct)?

The changes to the class API introduced in [7833] (http://dev.rubyonrails.org/changeset/7833 ) are a result of feedback we've gotten from 1.6.0_rc0, and of numerous lengthy internal debates. Our goal was to improve the clarity of the API as well as pave the way for features that may make their way into future versions of Prototype.

To that end, we've eliminated the Class.extend and Class.mixin methods, improved the Class.create syntax, and changed the way you add methods to existing classes. The API is still backwards-compatible with all pre-1.6 versions of Prototype. We haven't changed the way inheritance works, and you still access superclass methods using the special $super argument.

The biggest change is that all classes (as in the objects returned by Class.create(), not instances of those objects) now have a method named "addMethods." This method takes a single argument, an object whose properties become instance methods and properties for all instances of the class.

For example, in 1.6.0_rc0, where you'd write:

  var Foo = Class.create();
  Class.extend(Foo, { /* instance methods */ });

We've changed this so you now write:

  var Foo = Class.create();
  Foo.addMethods({ /* instance methods */ });

As in 1.6.0_rc0, you can still add instance methods directly from Class.create:

  var Foo = Class.create({ /* instance methods */ });

Also unchanged from 1.6.0_rc0, you can inherit from a superclass by passing the class as the first argument to Class.create (and you can optionally specify instance methods afterwards):

  var Bar = Class.create(Foo);
  var Baz = Class.create(Foo, { /* instance methods */ });

Internally, Prototype calls addMethods on the newly created class to add instance methods passed to Class.create.

Finally, we've modified Class.create to take a variable number of arguments, so you can now specify multiple collections of instance methods to add to the class, in order. This is useful for adding mixins to the class before defining your own methods:

var Bar = Class.create(Foo, Enumerable, SomeMixin, { /* instance methods */ });
  var Baz = Class.create(Enumerable, { /* instance methods */ });

1.6.0_rc1 will be released very soon with these changes, and while we can't make any guarantees, we've no plans to change the API before the final release of 1.6.0 (particularly since these changes are being documented right now in Christophe Porteneuve's upcoming "Prototype & Scriptaculous" book).


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