Love the addtions to Effect.Shake. Applied.


Am 14.10.2007 um 02:39 schrieb Ryan McGeary:

> I've got one prototype patch and one scriptaculous patch awaiting
> review from the core team.  I went through the process of getting them
> both reviewed and verified under the new Rails process, but I didn't
> realize the javascript spinoff teams didn't track Report 12.  It took
> a comment from Koz for me to realize this.
> What's the best way to receive feedback from the core team?  Does it
> make sense for prototype and scriptaculous to follow the same "Report
> 12" process that Rails is using?
> Add optional 'distance' and 'duration' options to Effect.Shake
> Add optional context argument to Number#times
> Thanks,
> Ryan
> >

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