To follow up to my own post, the issue seems to simply be that when
the url resides within a <script> tag, the &amp; remains, but if the
url resides in a js method on a html element, the &amp; is correctly
replaced with a single &.

So this looks to be an issue with the new formatting in rails using
the & for array parameters and I'll now redirect my question to the
rails forum.


On 10/14/07, Andrew Kaspick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello,
> This is an issue that I've come across with the new rails 1.2.5
> release, but I'm not sure if the problem lies within Rails, prototype
> or scriptaculous.  My testing seems to point more towards
> scriptaculous, but I'm not sure and maybe somebody can explain this
> one.
> Looking at the two method calls using an array parameter (field), the
> url is the exact same for both below (the urls below are how rails
> generates these now with recent patches)...
> new Ajax.Autocompleter('test', 'test_auto_complete',
> '/test/auto_complete_for_test?field%5B%5D=a&amp;field%5B%5D=b&amp;field%5B%5D=c',
> {})
> new 
> Ajax.Request('/test/auto_complete_for_test?field%5B%5D=a&amp;field%5B%5D=b&amp;field%5B%5D=c');
> You can see there is no difference in the url format above.
> Now when the Request method is called, rails receives the parameters
> as follows (which is correct)...
> Processing TestController#auto_complete_for_test (for at
> 2007-10-14 18:18:34) [POST]
>   Parameters: {"action"=>"auto_complete_for_test", "field"=>["a", "b",
> "c"], "controller"=>"test"}
> And when the Autocompleter method is called, rails receives the
> parameters as follows (which is wrong, see that the field param is
> broken)...
> Processing TestController#auto_complete_for_test (for at
> 2007-10-14 18:21:22) [POST]
>   Parameters: {"action"=>"auto_complete_for_test", "field"=>["a"],
> "controller"=>"test", "amp;field"=>["b", "c"], "test"=>"test"}
> To test, I put a js alert in Ajax.Request to display the url (which
> the Autocompleter calls as well) and when using Ajax.Request the url
> looks like this (&amp; removed)...
> '/test/auto_complete_for_test?field%5B%5D=a&field%5B%5D=b&field%5B%5D=c'
> but when called via Autocompleter, it looks like this (&amp; not removed)...
> '/test/auto_complete_for_test?field%5B%5D=a&amp;field%5B%5D=b&amp;field%5B%5D=c'
> Looking at Autocompleter code, I see no url translation or escaping,
> just a simple assignment for use with Ajax.Rqeuest, so what's going on
> here?  I can see why rails would receive the wrong data between the
> two, but why does the same url produce different results.  I'm totally
> confused on this one.  Again, this looks like a javascript issue from
> either prototype or scriptaculous, but this issue didn't seem to
> appear until the latest Rails was released.
> Thanks,
> Andrew

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