Please make it to be simple, look at the source code:
  select: function() {
    var args = $A(arguments), element = $(args.shift());
    return Selector.findChildElements(element, args);
the "select" method is only a wrapper of the
Selector.findChildElements, and with different selector context. For
the css selecting rule as same with the css with $$, make it to be
complex is not a good idea.

On Oct 17, 10:47 pm, kangax <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I recently stumbled upon <a href="
> 9465">this ticket</a>
> In a nutshell,' > foo') does not return the correct
> result while'foo') does.
> I understand that combinator selector should be defined between two
> simple ones (so it's not quite a valid expression), but the question
> is do we want to allow this kind of thing? Is it an edge case? Should
> we make this work or just fall back to an alternative way?
> i.e. element.childElements().map(function(el){ return
> el.match('foo') })
> Best,
> kangax

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