On 10/19/07, Viktor Kojouharov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> That being said, this is my drop-in replacement:
> ...


After giving it a second thought, I realize that the general direction of
your solution might not be so bad. After all, this is only IE we are talking
about -- other browsers wouldn't pick up any hacks. And we're already
special casing "name" by rendering it in a string instead using setAttribute
- that hack is already so bad (but unfortunately necessary) that expanding
it can't make it worse :)

document.createElement('<div name="foo" onclick="alert(42)"
onion="onion"></div>') will generate the expected result in IE, so for
"onion" it really doesn't make any difference if it is special-cased or not.

But whatever the outcome of this discussion may be, I strongly encourage you
to use Prototype event handling through observe() calls in the end.

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