Has anyone else encountered a javascript error on page unload in IE7
due to the Event.observe(window, 'unload', Event.unloadCache, false);
call for the IE memory leak fix?

I only noticed it because I'm using lowpro, which due to it's nature
makes use of the page load/unload just on being included, so you hit
the error every page unload.  Trying to run down if it is a lowpro or
prototype error is a little tricky, but making the check for wether or
not to do the IE fix only called for non-IE7 does fix the bug.

So for now, at work, we've just patched our prototype to not do the
leakfix for IE7, but I was wondering if this has been observed before
(or maybe even handled in 1.6?).  Should the unloadCache call be made
in IE 7?  If not, and someone can confirm the error, I'll submit a
patch for the 1.5x line to only make the call IE7 only.  If nobody
else gets the error I'll look more into seeing if it isn't a lowpro
bug, but right now it's looking like it might be a prototype issue.


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