I'm aware that the core team doesn't want to officially support a
packed version of Prototype and I understand why.

However, I know many developers are still (or should be..) using
shrinksafe, jsmin or others to pack Prototype. I think that alone
justifies the inclusion of some notes about packing, maybe on
"Prototype Tips and Tutorials" (http://prototypejs.org/learn)

For instance, it could be said in that doc that Shrinksafe is now
breaking Prototype 1.6 because of the "$super" hack.

Without giving official support for them, it may be a good idea to
point developers to compressors that are known not to break Prototype
(for instance yuicompressor has the same engine as shrinksafe and has
a workaround for "$super", we're already using it successfully in

Just my 2c :)

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