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> What features are the authors considering in upcoming releases?  Or is
> public discussion of the Prototype/SAU roadmap limited due to factors
> such as competition with other frameworks?

We don't lay out long roadmaps for Prototype library. Instead, we focus
mostly on two future releases: one minor (bug fixes, speedups, minor
additions) and one major (major new features, API changes). Some ideas are
shared with the community while some are kept private for further
discussions among core members. So, the reason we don't share the exact
roadmap to Prototype 2.0 with the public is because even we don't know the
roadmap yet, and we don't want to set expectations and then break them.

- Expand Prototype custom events to fire callbacks for Element methods
> such as update, setStyle, remove, replace, insert, wrap, writeAttribute,
> addClassName, removeClassName, scrollTo, etc.

That is planned for the next major release. Based on how it performs, it may
be pushed further down the road. We'll see.

> - Add support for callback registration and multiple callbacks for SAU
> Effect events

Is the current model for callbacks in script.aculo.us too limiting? It would
be better if you would explain this request with an example.

> - Add Prototype support for onmouseenter and onmouseleave

This is definitely useful to the majority of users. We are still discussing
if it's going to become core and in which version. Meanwhile, read the very
insightful article by Andrew about why throwing the support for those events
out was really a good idea (we had the working implementations far before
the 1.6 release):
(The key is revisiting the same problem with another approach, and finally
picking the best one)

- Add intuitive Prototype methods for checkbox- and radio-group form
> elements (e.g. a method to get the value of the currently checked
> item(s) in based on a group name)

Hmm, we have it for select boxes and multiple selects, why not radio
buttons/checkboxes? You could open up an enhancement ticket for this request
and propose an API for this. Or find a way to re-use the existing
(get/setValue) API?

Thanks for all the questions/suggestions!

- Mislav

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