Mislav Marohnić wrote:
> ...
>     - Add intuitive Prototype methods for checkbox- and radio-group form
>     elements ( e.g. a method to get the value of the currently checked
>     item(s) in based on a group name)
> Hmm, we have it for select boxes and multiple selects, why not radio 
> buttons/checkboxes? You could open up an enhancement ticket for this 
> request and propose an API for this. Or find a way to re-use the 
> existing (get/setValue) API?
> ...

Here is a brainstorm: http://pastie.caboo.se/136408
Is it intuitive, though?

I would have expected the whole serializing system to go by name instead 
of element. I think it is too late to change that because it would break 
the way some people are currently using $F(). But maybe the brainstorm 
above is a good approach?

- Ken

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