Hi there:

I wonder is there anyone else having same memory problem with us for
prototype 1.6. Our app has massive memory leak on firefox after
upgrade to 1.6.0. I have done a little bit analysis and find a way
reproducing it consistently. I found once a Object having reference to
DOM elements(directly or indirectly), and the object have been bind to
some function using bind() or bindAsEventListener(), DOM elements
referenced by the object will never get garbage collected. Here is a
simple example

      <div id='container'> massive data that occupying memory... <div>
      <script type="text/javascript">
        Foo = Class.create({
          initialize: function(containerId){
            this.container = $(containerId);

          bar: function(){
            var dummyBind = function(){}.bind(this);

        new Foo('container').bar();

Then you find memory get increased every-time you do a refresh. The
amount of memory that increased is depending on how much data you put
in the 'container' div.

With my test data(2741 links in the container div), refresh this
simple page for 100 times, make memory goes up to 183.59 mb. For
prototype1.5, in the same condition browser only use 51.09 mb. I'm on
Mac OSX tiger and my firefox version is

I am pretty sure it is the DOM element not get collected. Because if I
do a window unload hook to null out object's reference to the
'container' div, the memory get collected backs.

I am trying to locate the problem in new prototype code, but haven't
got any result yet. If anyone from prototype team could help me or
give me some clues, it would be really appreciated. I will try to
create a defect on trac and attach test page soon.


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