I think I discovered a bug in latest prototype. There's function  
     attr: function(element, matches) {
       var nodeValue = Element.readAttribute(element, matches[1]);
       return Selector.operators[matches[2]](nodeValue, matches[3]);

In my FF2 Element.readAttribute becomes a simple wrapper for  
Element.getAttribute, which returns null for missing attributes. Thus  
nodeValue becomes null too. But Selector.operator functions suggest  
nodeValue is not null, as some of them call nodeValue methods.

You may test this by executing:
where $1 is any link, having no 'rel' attribute. This call should return  
false, but it throws exception in my case.

Bug is easy to fix: just replace
return Selector.operators[matches[2]](nodeValue, matches[3]);
return (nodeValue === null) ? false :  
Selector.operators[matches[2]](nodeValue, matches[3]);

Can anyone confirm this? Should I submit a patch to trac?

arty ( http://arty.name )

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