thanks richard for your inputs..... scriptacouls has some really
amazing works in it


On Jan 30, 3:22 pm, "Richard Quadling" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> On 30/01/2008, sharosh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > hi
> >   got you hear about prototype from a friend of mine. im a usablity
> > designer so im more intersted in seeing protype in action is there
> > somedemo'sor samples put up in the website, cas i was trying to find
> > out in the website  . i would really apperciate if you can help me
> > with some URLS for the same..
> > thanks
> > sharosh
> Prototype is a library. It doesn't DO anything itself. You have to
> create your own applications.
> A good example of the use of Prototype is it's sister-in-crime, Scriptaculous.
> Lot's of demos -
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