This seems like a server specific issue. You'd probably get better
help on their own mailing lists / forum, etc.

Make sure you grab Prototype, though as it fixes an
(unrelated) bug in PeriodicalExecuter.

Good luck,


On Feb 1, 7:20 pm, Rajiv <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am using the Prototype framework version 1.6.0 in my application and
> specifically the 'PeriodicalExecuter' object to refresh the data in a
> <span> element at a given frequency.
> This functionality works perfectly on Tomcat 5.5 on Windows XP, but
> when i deployed the application EAR on Websphere Application Server
> 6.1 on AIX (Unix), the 'PeriodicalUpdater' stops working.
> Is this an issue encountered in the past and also does it have to with
> a setting that needs to be modified/ turned on WAS 6.1 to enable
> Prototype (or probably any AJAX request) to work.
> Any pointers in this regard will be a big help.
> Thanks,
> Rajiv Sethumadhavan
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