On 08/02/2008, artemy tregoubenko <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> My site will respond with 503 http code while in maintenance. I want to
> handle this response in ajax requests. Prototype's onXYZ ajax handlers
> suit perfectly for this task. Except for one thing: these handlers aren't
> called when specified in Ajax.Responders, so I will have to include them
> in every request. This is highly inconvenient : (
> This problem can be easily solved with just one extra line in
> respondToReadyState (patch applied, and I can post it in trac too), but
> this requires code to be included in core prototype, as handling the
> situation in custom wrapper isn't too easy.
> Are there objections against supporting onXYZ handlers in Ajax.Responders?
> --
> arty ( http://arty.name )

I've already submitted a more encompassing patch to allow onXYZ and
still allow onSuccess/onFailure.


Richard Quadling
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