I think its just because of the way JavaScript handles the click
event. Use the 'mousedown' event instead of the 'click' event and you
will get your results

On Feb 11, 2:42 pm, "artemy tregoubenko" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Hello,
> Event.isLeftClick() is told to differ left clicks from right and middle
> clicks. However when I run
> document.observe('click', function(event){ alert(event.isLeftClick()); })
> in IE and then left-click page, I see 'false' in alert. This starts
> working if you listen to 'mousedown' or 'mouseup' events, but I don't like
> this way out.
> I don't like it because 'click' event may be triggered by keyboard too,
> and it's not good to forbid people to use keyboard at your site. I had an
> idea to listen for both 'mousedown' and 'click' events, but didn't manage
> to differ keyboard and mouse clicks in handler to avoid doubleposts.
> Is it possible to fix isLeftClick? If not, is there some nice workaround
> for this situation?
> --
> arty (http://arty.name)
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