My first post. This is to document a tricky thing I found while using
Element.readAttribute() on a form. This post is to help the next
person looking for an answer on it.


<form id="foo">
 <input type="hidden" name="id' value="bar" />

If you have a form with a hidden form element named 'id', and you try
to use readAttribute() on the form you will get two different

IE gives you an Object (the input object named 'id')
Firefox gives you 'foo'.

IE will give you 'foo' is there is not a overriding form element.

I did not expect this, thinking that readAttribute would be
normalizing these behaviors, but IE sigh.
This tied me up for a little while.  Thanks to jdalton and tobie on
FreeNode for the help.


Internet Explorer IE Firefox FF Element.readAttribute()
readAttribute() String [object]
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