1) yes, well, at least, adding the necessary code and maybe html.

2) make sure you build Prototype before running the tests (use "rake
dist" or run the tests from rake using "rake test" which auto build
Prototype). Currently all tests pass in all supported browsers except
a coouple of known issues in Opera. Note that the ajax tests are emant
to be run from rake.

On Feb 13, 2:33 pm, John-David Dalton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> A two parter:
> 1) Would that mean t modifying he dom.html unit test to test for this?
> 2) I ran the unit test with prototype downloaded from
> prototypejs.org and in each browser diff tests fail.
> Does this mean that there are issues with the current code base that
> are still needing to be resolved?
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