Hi Richard,

Thanks for the thumbs up.

deprecation.js is meant to be used with prototype.js, not a subset of
it, so I don't think that's really an issue for now.

The plan is to keep this new prototype extension up to date with the
changes in Prototype, so once we remove the Position object, we'll add
it to deprecation.js.



On Feb 14, 11:02 am, "Richard Quadling" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Hi.
> If you comment out from prototype.js the deprecated functions/classes
> (I take out the whole Position class for example), then deprecation.js
> fails due to the lack of the namespace: Position.
> So, using v1.6.0.2, should Position be defined but unused and
> therefore be in the global namespace or should it be commented out and
> deprecation.js cope with its absence?
> (I can't quite decide if this is a core or a spinoff issue).
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