Related to this:
( Conflict 1.6 with Virtual Earth in FireFox)

Atlascompat.js also prototypes some methods on the native Element

In this case it can be solve by first loading the atlas stuff and then
then prototype.js

On Feb 18, 5:36 pm, Sjoerd Mulder <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Why is prototype framework overwriting the (native) Element object /
> constructor and setting it's own function?
> This breaks a lot of functionality in other frameworks which are
> prototyping some Methods on the (native) Element, for example:
> "selectNodes" / "selectSingleNode" to emulate IE XPath in other
> browsers (Fx, Op, Sf), See (
> I have tried to access the original constructor even on different way
> like:
> "new DOMParser().parseFromString('<test />', 'text/
> xml').documentElement.constructor" but that also returns the
> prototype.js function.
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