I have found the cause of this, see:
( Overwritten native Element definition )

On Feb 18, 2:02 pm, Aaron <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Sergey,
> I'm experiencing the exact same problem - unfortunatly downgrading to
> 1.5.x is no option for me (as I'm using scriptaculous 1.8.x which
> relies upon prototype 1.6).
> I'm wondering if you found a solution for the issue or if any of the
> devs has any idea how to circumvent the problem.
> It seems to me like atlascompat.js is the culprit (which is introduced
> by virtual earth map control) - its never a good idea to have more
> than one compat layer in effect at once...
> Regrads
>   Olaf Freyer
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