Hi Richard,

I was a little bummed by the switch at first as well.
Now though I am beginning to see the cool side of it.

For example before when you wanted to contribute you had to make a
patch that would only work for the current version of Prototype and
probably not the version that was in SVN (SVN is very picky about

With Git and GitHub you can create a forked repo of prototype.
Commit your changes to it and send the core devs a "pull" request.
Then they merge the changes into their repo :).

Also this allows you to target a specific dev or group of devs and
there are lots of options with Git.
GitHub is hooked into Lighthouse (Prototype's new home for bug
tracking) as well.
It is command line at the time and the GUI's for it are very very

I am still learning it. I did have some issues getting my fork to
pulldown, turns out I needed to log into my "pull" address via putty
first to get it to save some registry info. Here are some links:

Windows version of Git:

Helpful links:
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