Ah sorry i thought this group was for prototype questions in general i
found what i was looking for with

Event.observe('contactForm', 'keyup', handler.bindAsEventListener());

function handler(e) {
  var element = Event.element(e);

On May 4, 10:36 am, "Jon L." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Since this doesn't involve Prototype development, I'm guessing wrong
> group.
> Either way, you'll probably get more help with this 
> inhttp://groups.google.com/group/rubyonrails-spinoffs
> Now, can't say I know an exact answer for you.
> But, I'd assume a combination of Form.getElements and Element.observe/
> Event.observe should handle it.
> References:http://prototypejs.org/api/formhttp://prototypejs.org/api/form/elementhttp://prototypejs.org/api/event/observehttp://prototypejs.org/api/element/observe
> - Jon L.
> On May 3, 7:39 pm, Mech7 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > How can i select or have a reference to a field in a form where the
> > focus is, without specifying it directly by the id?
> > But rather by obeserving the form, to see which field has focus.
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