I'm not sure what you mean exactly. If you mean that the patched version
1.5.1 looks like a working fix, I would agree.

However, on the original tests I sent you, I don't see a memory increase on
refresh, but on closing the window none of that reserved memory is

If you were referring to that 20MB difference between starting the testing
and closing all sets of windows? Since I didn't see it changing, I admit to
rather ignoring it on the assumption that it was 'normal' - I haven't memory
profiled IE much, but I the few times I recall looking I certainly don't
recall seeing less than 50 MB. Five minutes of testing simple sites shows IE
spiking quickly to 44MB and just hanging out within 10-15MB of there.  So
that doesn't concern me much.


Geoff Granum
On 5/5/08, John-David Dalton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The fact that the memory doesn't stair step tells me that there is
> probably not a leak and what you are experiencing is just the normal
> amount of memory IE is reserving for each new page instance.
> If however, you refresh and memory usage keeps growing then
> we know its a memory leak.
> What are others thoughts?
> - JDD
> >

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