I was trying to use the Ajax.Responders.register and the onException
was always running!..
This was a big problem for the application. I follow the exception a
bit and saw the error was:

SyntaxError: invalid label

on line 1337, which is:

      return eval((this.transport.responseText || '').unfilterJSON());

Seems like is might be a problem some times. So, after some
research... well.. googling ;)  I found that adding ( ) around the
string to evaluate would help the javascript to evaluate it. So I
changed to:

      return eval(('(' + this.transport.responseText + ')' ||

And it all works lovely now ;)
Please, see if I didn't any mistake and fix this for all the people on
the next version. I saw a lot of posts that said onException didn't
work much. :(

Just as an end note.. Prototype is amazing and I've used it for a lot
of year, thank you very much!!


Tiago Cardoso
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