I have been trying for days o understand what I have missed.

I have narrowed down the problem to this, where I create a simple class 
'foo' that I extend to assign a private member 'name' set to 'FOO':

    var foo = Class.create({});

    Object.extend( foo, {  name : 'FOO' } );

Then :


surprisingly displays


(instead of FOO)

Samething if I explicitely force the value to 'FOO'

    foo.name = 'FOO'

Is there someone in the position to tell me what is going on, and why 
foo's private member 'name' does not hold its value. This does not 
happen if I choose another name for the private member.

This has been most upsetting to me for days now, and I fail to 
understand what I am missing.

So thank you to anyone who would help me understand my mistake if this 
is not a bug.


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