Thanks Ryan.

It's true, I love the feel of Prototype's OO model.
I did some research and foudn in Ext's FAQ the following :

/"Up until version 1.0.1a, Ext required one of the following base 
libraries to be included: YUI, jQuery or Prototype/ Ext 
contains adapters that provide some of the basic plumbing utilities from 
those libraries, including Ajax support, animation, DOM manipulation, 
event handling, etc. Beginning with version 1.1, Ext includes a native 
Ext adapter, so the external libraries are no longer required(...)At the 
present time, Prototype/Scriptaculous support should still be considered 
experimental as there are several known bugs and unsupported functions 
that can cause problems with Ext."/

Regarding your statement "/My biggest message to you would be that they 
are _not_ mutually exclusive, and in fact work very well together/", 
looks like things are changing...

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