#writeAttribute will fail when given bogus attribute/value. That's one
of the reasons why passing Element as an iterator doesn't work.

// Element receives 0,1, ..., n as a second attribute (and then tries
to apply those values via #writeAttribute)
$w(' div span h2 ').map(Element);

- kangax

On Jun 23, 8:36 am, Josi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> After one hour of debugging, I found out that Element.writeAttribute
> could throw an Exception "0x80530005
> element.setAttribute(name, value)
> I created an Element by using this:
> var elem = new Element('div',
> {'class':'myclass','id':'myid'}).update(thetext);
> if name is an object. I didn't find out why name is in my case an
> object, but after changing the code to
> 1807:    else if(typeof(name) == 'string'){
> 1808:         element.setAttribute(name, value)
> 1809:    };
> everything works fine again.
> Does somebody has similar problems?
> Josi
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