You got me thinking and playing around with prototype. Elaborating on
what arty said, it is not actually possible to extend element in
frames because prototype makes reference to the window object when
extending elements. It would take a big rewrite to let it accept an
object and make reference to it instead of the window and document
directly each time.

I played about and this might help some what.... (IE doesn't like the

Element.addMethods('iframe', {
  document: function(element) { //this isn't the best?
    element = $(element);
    if (element.contentWindow)
      return element.contentWindow.document;
    else if (element.contentDocument)
      return element.contentDocument;
      return null;
  $: function(element, frameElement) { //well neither is this really
    element = $(element);
    var frameDocument = element.document();
    if (arguments.length > 2) {
      for (var i = 1, frameElements = [], length = arguments.length; i
< length; i++)
      return frameElements;
    if (Object.isString(frameElement))
      frameElement = frameDocument.getElementById(frameElement);
    return frameElement || element;

  var iframe = $('iframe');
  var iframeElement = iframe.$('iframeElement');
  Event.observe(iframeElement, 'mouseup', function(){
  Event.observe($('iframe').$('iframeElement'), 'mouseup', function(){

Or what you were looking for....
  Event.observe($('iframe').document(), 'mouseup', function(){

  $('iframe').$('iframeElement').update('some text'); // -> error (no
method) [Element.extend is cannot be called on the iframe element
before it is returned]

On Jun 24, 1:52 pm, AlannY <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Is it possible to observe events in iframe?
> var iframe = new Element('iframe');
> iframe.observe('mouseup', function (e) { ... }); // Not works ;-(
> I found that in FF, I can
> iframe.contentWindow.document.addEventListener('mouseup', function (e)
> {...}, true); // Works
> But, how to do it with Prototype?
> tnx
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