On Aug 19, 2:34 am, "T.J. Crowder" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > var el = new Prototype.Element(element);
> > > el.raw, or el.obj, or el.wrapped, or el.source.
> > > I kinda dig el.source
> > `source` sounds good.
> It's not very important, but I can't say "source" appeals.  I think it
> will be confusing in discussion.  The underlying element is as much a
> target as a source, and source is already an overloaded word.  When
> you call item.update(), the target (not source) of the update is the
> underlying element.  In terms of it being overloaded, suppose you have
> a container element and you use select() to get an 'item' element from
> somewhere within it.  At that point, it's easy (but wrong) to read
> "item.source" as meaning the container, since you got the item "from"
> the container.
> "raw" has grown on me.  It's not overloaded, and it's pretty clear in
> conversation: "Q. How do I get the tag name of a wrapped element?   A.
> From the raw element it's wrapping.  Q. How do I get the real nodelist
> from a wrapper?  A. Use the 'raw' property to get the raw nodelist."
> It's also short (we'll be using this a lot).  The biggest negative I
> see to it is that it's typed entirely with the left hand (if you're a
> touch typist).

I was thinking of `node`/`nodeList` or `element`/`elements` but those
wouldn't make for a unified interface. `raw`, `source` and `target`
all sound intuitive, imo, though `row` seems a little weird : )
On the other hand, if we have a common property for accessing "origin"
of both `Node` and `NodeList` wrappers, shouldn't it be of the same
type? Having same-named property, and not knowing (easily) what it is,
doesn't seem convenient:

function doStuff(wrapper){
  // exit if not a wrapper
  if (!wrapper || (wrapper && !wrapper.raw)) return;
  // we can try `length` to make sure it's a NodeList, but what if
some DOMElement exposes length property?
  if (wrapper.raw.length) {
    // do something with the entire collection
  } else { // assume it's a Node
    // do something with it


function doStuff(wrapper) {
  if (!wrapper) return;
  if (wrapper.__node) {
    // definitely a Node - `__node` property is present and is not
  } else if (wrapper.__nodeList) {
    // definitely a NodeList - `__nodeList` property is present and is
not falsy
  // ignore anything else


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