Ya YUI 3 is something to check out:
YUI({combine: true, timeout: 10000}).use("node-style", function(Y) {
    var nodes = Y.all('.panels');

YUI({combine: true, timeout: 10000}).use("node-base", function(Y) {
    var onClick = function(e) {
        var node = e.currentTarget;

    Y.all('#demo li').on('click', onClick);

They don't seem to expose the wrapped element.
But does expose the wrappers unique ID: ._yuid = "yuid-4-8"
The element has a property added to it:
element._yuid = "yuid-4-8"

Y.all('*').get('value') returns an array of values (most are undefined
but its an array)
Y.get('*').get('tagName') returns "HTML" and thats it (single match)

I do dig Y.all('.panels').on('click', function(e){...});

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