On Sep 4, 7:44 pm, SimonBoris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi prototype team, i am Simon.
> I have build and application running custom library running on alot of
> websites.
> The application failed to work on one website, on IE6 & IE7, because
> they where using prototype.
> After ready your code, i have found that you where prototyping Array,
> witch is an native object.
> In my code, i was doing, for some reasons, a " for(var i in array) ",
> and it crashed since it got some methods and not acutal members of the
> array... When you do a " for(var i in array) ", no array methods are
> shown, but when you add them using prototype, it does...
> You should do a wrapper around your array and not methods using
> prototype.
> Waiting for your response and
> Thanx for your time.

There are some plans on stopping to extend native objects in future
versions of prototype. Those plans are quite blurry at the moment. For
a "quick fix" you could either use alternative means to iterate over
native instances or try some kind of sandboxing.

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