It seems to me that Enumerable#findAll (aliased as select) is what you
want for your first example.

myArray.findAll( function(obj){ obj.className ==
'MyProtoClass' } ).each( function(obj){ obj.doStuff } );

This way you're using the official Prototype way to do these


On Sep 11, 6:17 pm, EMoreth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Working with prototype from a long time ago I always need a function
> that could do something just like the Strongly Type languages, as Java
> or many others, that is a for ( ObjectClass object in
> arrayLikeStructure ) to get all objects from that array that are from
> the class ObjectClass and do something...
> Since Javascript does not have this kind of Typed Class its is very
> hard and annoying to do such thing... I recently tought two ways that
> could make it work...
> First (and simpler) is a foreach function that applyes on Enumerable
> items and Accepts two functions.. the first one is a boolean that will
> tell the code when the object is the class/type that I want, and the
> second function should be the action at real... to apply in that
> object. Something like :
> myArray.foreach(function(obj){ return obj.className ==
> 'MyProtoClass'}, function(obj) { obj.doStuff() })
> The second one is just a little different (more Java-Like)... in this
> case we would need a previous custom method on all objects that would
> say if this one matches a defined parameter or not... something like
> a.className = 'MyClass';
> b.className = 'MyProtoClass';
> a.isMyObject = function(check) { return this.className == check }
> b.isMyObject = function(check) { return this.className == check }
> myArray.foreach( 'MyProtoClass', function(obj) { obj.doStuff() })
> and it would only apply on b.doStuff()
> I cant tell if this would have the same utility for everyone that
> would have for me... But i thing that would be very good for people
> who are used to other Typed Languages...
> Please tell me what you think about that..
> EMoreth
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