The gzipped version hosted on Google's servers is 28K; JDD's packed-
and-gzipped version in ProtoPack is 24K. I don't think it's worth the


On Oct 7, 12:40 pm, Shadow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I would be great if core team can add a minified version to the google
> api, I think having both versions would be great (having a non
> minified version reduced the ySlow grade btw) but if we could have
> something like:
> (notice the /min/ before the filename...)
> whiteShadow
> On Oct 7, 12:25 pm, John-David Dalton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
> > Ok, I have updated ProtoPack to v2.20.
> > This update includes Prototype and a customized version of
> > Dean Edwards' Packer 3 that supports Prototype 1.6+ use of $super
> > variable.
> > Please read the readme_first.txt and the changelog.txt.
> > protopack_v2.20.zip
> > - JDD
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