I think I need to clear some things up. After more testing, I have
realized that there are two (quite) separate issues here:
1. purging of observers during
removeChild/replaceChild/Element.update, preventing memory leaks
within a single page
2. purging of all observers, _including those that are not in the
DOM_, during page unload, preventing memory leaks across pages

My temporary fix to my project, as well as the purgeObservers() method
that have been suggested, attempts to fix issue #1. I see the fix to
issue #1 as a feature request since there's no such feature before

Now for issue #2, I see it as a bug in prototype-1.6, the reason
being, that using my test program attached, you can observe the memory
leak in IE (simply using the task manager will do) with
prototype-, but not with prototype- The change
that created this memory leak is the removal of the stopObserving
calls during page unload.

I suggest putting the stopObserving calls back in, as it is obvious
that simply setting cache[][]=null, is not a replacement for
stopObserving(), it just works for preventing memory leaks on elements
that are attached to the DOM during page unload. Simply uncommenting
the document.appendChild(span) line in my test program will show that
both prototype-1.5 and prototype-1.6 will not leak memory in IE.

Phuah Yee Keat

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Title: Testing prototype observe

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