Good list.

I'd add function chaining and element selectors ($$, et al).  ... But  
that pushes the list to eleven.

#6 is vague ...  it could mean many different things (even contain its  
own list of 10!)


On Nov 17, 2008, at 10:56 PM, Andrew Dupont wrote:

> I'm thinking about how we can flatten the learning curve. If you were
> to teach someone how to use Prototype in 10 incremental steps, what
> would they be?
> I've got only nine so far, but here they are:
> 1. Master the $ Function
> 2. Use instance methods to perform common tasks on elements
> 3. Master event observing
> 4. Push the envelope with Ajax
> 5. Use Enumerable to manage collections
> 6. Use Prototype's helper methods on built-in objects
> 7. Treat functions like first-class objects
> 8. Have your mind blown by custom events
> 9. Write class-based JavaScript
> Can you add a tenth to this list? Or do you have a completely
> different list? Let's hear it.
> Cheers,
> Andrew
> >

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