Actually, both protodoc [1] and Rakefile [2] are patched in this commit.

Protodoc takes an option hash on instantiation, with a  
`:strip_documentation` which defaults to `false`.
`rake dist` behavior is unchanged, and `rake doc` uses a temporary  
file including PDoc comments to generate documentation.

Maybe `rake dist` could simply generate two files: the original  
"prototype.js" and a "prototype-development.js" including PDoc comments.
This would mean that `rake doc` would depend on `rake dist` (therefore  
will execute it), which sounds a bit surprising to me.

Any thoughts?


Le 14 déc. 08 à 08:02, Tobie Langel a écrit :

> Thanks Samuel for your work!
> Paramount for integration in Prototype Master branch is adding comment
> stripping to the protodoc.
> Could someone look into that ?
> Best,
> Tobie
> wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I've been working on porting Prototype online documentation to PDoc
>> inline comments.
>> Current work in progress is visible on my GitHub fork [1], it is  
>> based
>> on "rewrite" branch which has been merged in "master" a few days ago.
>> All "lang" methods are declared there, Some of them contain both
>> description and explicit arguments description,
>> vast majority contain only method signature and description visible  
>> on
>> current documentation's listing pages [2], and few of them are blank
>> and marked as TODO.
>> I had to implement nested optional arguments in order to have
>> signatures like "String#truncate([length = 30[, suffix = '...']])"
>> handled by the parser. This patch is attached to a ticket on
>> LightHouse [3].
>> I also had to add "require 'rubygems'" in pdoc.rb to have BlueCloth
>> loaded nicely when running tests from TextMate, and add a a rescue
>> clause in LinkHelper#auto_link and LinkHelper#path_to because they
>> appear to be called with a nil argument, and I can't figure out  
>> why...
>> With above modifications, you can actually generate the website using
>> "pdoc" command.
>> On my Core 2 Duo laptop, parsing takes approximately 25s, and
>> generation 8s.
>> Someone interrested in helping porting documentation ?
>> [1] 
>> [2]
>> [3] 
> >

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