On Jan 15, 2:28 am, Dan <danwd...@gmail.com> wrote:
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> So, what concrete steps can I help with? Some of the things that I'd
> like to see are:
> - Make the documentation searchable
> - Implement developer input within the api documentation website
> - Add user-submitted code feature, much like Plugins. I know we've got
> Scripteka, but there really should be something *tied to the prototype
> site*.

This could be a good idea actually. There are examples already, but
the PHP API has the user comments too and it's really something great
when searching for specific problems (even with Google). This could
attrack more people into using the library (*grin*). Of course, since
there can be _many_ bad user comments, there should be a validation
system. I would suggest that users should request a membership instead
of just anyone posting, and post should be submitted for approval. (I
would register in such system)

As for the tutorial, readmap and such to help new comers to get
involved and learn about the best practices and all, there's always
the prototype irc channel on freenode, and the the other user group
(spinoff), and the LinkedIn / Facebook groups... If one user wants to
write his own learning tutorial, no one is keeping him to do so, but I
don't think that this falls into the hands of the core development.

> - Bring all of the various Prototype resources under a single roof:
> forums, extensions, "plugins", scripty, UI, etc

There is Prototype UI that needs support, they have their own website
and IRC channel, and all. But this project is and should not be
dependant of these, IMHO.

> - Add a section devoted to 3rd-party Prototype education: links to hi-
> quality Prototype-centric blogs, links to and snippets from Prototype/
> Scripty books, etc.
> [snip]
> Thanks,
> Dan

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