i've had an ongoing need to make Form#request less dependent on the
FORM's action attribute. i either need to keep calling

or take the long way around with
new Ajax.Request(url,{parameters:Form#serialize(), ...});

What are the hazards of allowing the options Object to accept the url
as well:

$("formID").request({url:"server_script.php", onSuccess:...});

prototype.js ~3558:
var params = options.parameters,
    action = form.readAttribute('action') || options.url || '';

Now, i see immediately that the url option would ultimately get passed
upward into Ajax.Base.options, but does this cause any trouble? i'm
just curious, because although it may not get much support, i'd like
to try it out.

Or, if someone has a better suggestion, i'm open. i'm just sick of
calling #writeAttribute all the time, and i want to avoid putting a
fixed action value in the HTML.
joe t.
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