Of course.

Unfortunately, the changes in spec between JSON 1 (on which Prototype
is based) and JSON 2 (which came about a little later and is now the
default JSON implementation) means our implementation, which was
carefully crafted with future-compatibility in made.... ends up being

Our implementation allows very useful things like providing toJSON
methods for custom object, and I'm not sure how much of this we will
be able to keep to be JSON compatible.

I'll be looking into this issue over the next 2 weeks.



On Feb 17, 8:29 am, Josi <mich...@josi.de> wrote:
> Just read this 
> article:http://ajaxian.com/archives/native-json-in-firefox-31-joins-ie-8
> Are there already plans to make use of native JSON-support?
> Kind regards,
> Josi
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